Luxury and quality products can make the difference to your new Frameless Shower Doors. The clear glass and hardware brings beauty to the glass, we offer different designs and style for the glass handle, hinges and tower bar in colors such as chrome, satin chrome, polished chrome, oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, Polished Brass and more, Glass to Glass hinges, Repair shower Doors bottom Seals, Frameless Shower DOORS Seal. Shower Designs, Shower With Stile. Square Single Towel Bar. Glass to Glass Adjustable Hinges. Glass to Glass 135 Degree Hinges. Starphire Glass: Call for a free estimate! We Designs and fabricated all in the same place, We save time and money, Give Us A Call For A Free Estimate.

Available for fix angle and different colors, FRAMELESS Showers door have different, sizes and prices, we have affordable prices for everyone. Chrome Frameless Shower Door, Frameless Custom Glass Shower..


Frameless Glass Doors is just simple and elegant making your shower to next level. This glass doors

was made in clear glass square handle and clamps in chrome Square Handle 6″Back-to-Back or 8″ Back To Back.

Shown below are typical applications for wall mount and glass to glass hinges. The drawing are only samples , and can be used to assist in the designs of particular enclosure. It is no necessarily a case of right or wrong when selecting between a wall mount and glass to glass hinge, it is most often a designs choice. We also do 90 Degree Frameless Shower doors, Glass to Glass Hinges in 135 degree 180 Degree and 90 Degree angle, or custom made angle..

Our hinge series contain are visible 5 degree pivot pin, as well as the option of a the custom pivot pin manufactured for use on “off-angle” installations.

Custom fabrication and professional installation any Designs..


Neo Angle Frameless Shower Doors consist of top and bottom pivot hinges that are quickly becoming the choice of our designer for many reasons. There are advantages to the top and the bottom models, they carry the majority of the weight on the bottom, and had the ability to be inset from the wall, enabling clearance for towels bars and other projections, top and bottom provide the answer to several common dilemmas.

Top and Bottom Pivot hinges provide more of the desired ‘all-glass’ look when compared to traditional hinges side mounted on the wall between the top and bottom of the enclosure. Top and bottom hinges and 3/8″ clear glass, are also easily adaptable with our header system to provide on attractive and functional enclosures, Frameless Shower Door Enclosure, Neo Angle Frameless Shower Door and Corner. Miami Corner Glass Shower, Hialeah FL, Hialeah Gardens

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Prima 90 Degree pret-set series hinges (top and bottom mount)

this 90 degree hinges are designed for use 5/16″ (8 mm.) to 3/8″ (10 mm.) thick glass.

The number one pivot din model is set so that it would be used either to the left or bottom right door.

This system is especially helpful in closing the doors tightly against a strike jamb and bringing your frameless shower door come so much alive with the clear glass, fabrication, and professional installation, easy and fast for your convenience., Reinstall Frameless Shower Door. Price of Frameless Shower Door, Frameless Pivot Shower Door, Walk in Frameless Shower Door,Shower Doors Frameless Miami. Designer Shower Door or Screens Glass, 10 years warranty enduroshield again the Stain 3/8″ and 1/2″, EnduroShield in 3/8″ Call Now for Free Quote, Heavy Duty Hinges Replacement. Shower Door Inline 180 Degree, Top or Bottom Heavy Duty Pivot, Starphire Glass in 3/8 and 1/2″, Serving in the following cities, Miami.FL FRAMELESS SHOWER DOOR, Frameless Shower Door Cottage Design, Weston, Coral Spring, Miami, Pompano Beach, Dania Beach, Boca Raton-FL, Miami Frameless Shower Door, Shower Door, Aventura FL, Hollywood, Hallandale Beach, Miami Lakes, Kendall, Ojus North Miami Beach, west miami, Homestead FL, weston Sunrise, Miramar, Pembroke Pines, FL, Ojus


Before and After Picture Custom Frameless Shower Door. Using 3/8″ Clear Tempered Glass, Top header for more support and secure of the glass door, satisfaction 110% Guaranteed, Frameless Shower Door Will bring you’re shower alive, Shower Frameless Door, Frameless neo angle Shower Door, Corner Shower Enclosure Miami, Corner SHOWER DOOR, SHOWER DOORS, Glass EnduroShield, Gives us a call we will make it happen.


We totally repair or replacements door hinges for frameless shower 3/8″ or 1/2 “inch, we also include seals and Bottom plastic Sweet replacements, Door adjusments and maintenance, Single Shower Door, Pivot Hinges, Replacement of Rubber Hinges or Shower Glass Door Replacements and installation, Shower Glass Broken, Handle or glass replacements, Sweet plastic strips, door stop replacements, call now for a free estimate. Miami Shower Door Repair, We beat any price in frameless shower door installation and repair all over south FL., Shower Door Repair, Ojus FL, Frameless Shower Door Shower DOORS, BOTTOM SWEET PLASTIC REPLACEMENTS, HINGES ADJUSTMENT, SHower Doors Removal, and Reinstall shower doorS, Handle plastic Replacements, Handle Repair, sweet replacement.


We also do glass door in frosted glass, clear glass, the beauty of the Frameless glass door and private of the room, Swinging interior door hinges available in chrome, brush nickel, this hinges will swing 180 degrees, it can accommodate 3/8″ fully tempered glass and installation, Frameless Door, Frameless Shower Doors Thick, Glass Frameless Door, Frameless Shower Door options miami, buy Frameless Shower Door Installations, Frameless Shower Door side seal, Images, Frameless Shower, Frameless Glass Doors Interior, Install Frameless Glass Shower Door, Buy Frameless Glass Doors in 3/8″ or 1/2″, Top and Bottom Mount with self -Closing from 25 degree, Glass Shower Doors Miami, Frameless Glass Shower Door Installations. GLASS Frameless Door. Shower Doors Screens, Young Shower Door,Glass Frosted Doors, We Fabricate and Install, Acid Or Clear Glass, Gives us a call for free estimate, Maximun Door Capacities 3/8 Glass Door 100 Lbs, Maximun 1/2″ Glass Door 100 Lbs or 31″ Withd, Hinges Repairs, Glass Broken, hardware colors replacements, SWEET REPLACEMENT.-


Factory or professional application to new glass: 10 year performance warranty Professional application to new and existing glass: or up to 5 year warranty. Consumer Strength formula DIY Kits are available for glass. One single application lasts 3+ years : 3 years. Professionally Applied Strength glass coating. Some applied coating claim they will last the distance. In addition.


DFI is a revolutionary invisible treatment that repeals grime and soap scum, allowing you, easier cleaning less often. Water will bead on the surface, Desmonstrating DFI repellent nature, and similar to a non stick fry pan cleaning time is noticeably, reduced, DFI Works on new and existing surfaces.

Make cleaning a breeze. Repels soap scum and grime. DFI is water and oil repellent, and grime.
-DFI is water oil repellent, and Keeps, Surfaces looking brand new.
Helps reduce the build up of mold and harmful bacteria. -Promotes a germ-free environment.
Superior Protection. -Against the corrosive effects of soap scum, dirt, Grime, lime scale,salt, Chemicals, and hard water. Reduce Cleaning time 90%.
Stay cleaner for longer, in between Cleans.. 

Glass Shelved Square and Corner.

Square or Corner Glass Shelved for Shower, 3/8 tempered Clear Glass With Hardware In chrome or Brush Nickel, The Glass Can be frosted or Clear.